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Adapass & Covid-19 Vaccinations

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Adapass Code – for Residents

The Adapass system is available to all residents of the TRNC, which enables you to show your vaccination and antigen results to organisations as required. To register for an adapass go to and click on the Adapass picture. The form is English, so just complete the required fields and submit.


​If you are unable to successfully register on the Adapass application due to errors in your data on your vaccination certificate or the uploaded data you can visit any of the following places between 8.00-1700 weekdays to resolve the issue.

Nicosia - Near East University Hospital
Kyrenia - Dr. Suat Günsel University of Kyrenia Hospital
Guzelyurt - Near East University Hospital Guzelyurt Dispensary
Yenibogazici - Near East University Yenibogazici Campus

PCR/antigen tests are linked to the system and available 30 minutes after your test results are issued.

Source: Saglık Bakanlıǧı



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