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From 1 March 2020, individual vehicle owners a new process has been implemented to improve sale and purchase of a vehicle.

If the transfer of vehicle ownership is between two individuals, the buyer and the seller, or any person holding power of attorney from them, must visit the Motor Vehicle Registration, Inspection and Licencing Branch in Lefkoşa together and sign the “motor vehicle title transfer application form(Tr.2T)”.
You should take with you the Car Registration Document (kocan), log book or other relevant documents together with your passport and photo copy of the photo page, in order for the transactions to be completed.

The change in the statute on vehicle ownership transfer will be implemented to prevent tax evasion by middlemen who display cars for sale in empty roadside plots.

Requirements for Importing a Second Hand Car

Summary of Required Information

To import a vehicle you must complete this application form, and provide originals and photocopies of all the documents indicated below:
Import permit request form

There are restrictions on the age of cars that can be imported to the TRNC. To calculate the age of a car determine the time between the Date of Vehicle initial registration to the entry date into the TRNC (as shown on the Waybill/G-104)  For Classic cars only the year of the vehicle's manufacture is taken into account.

It is important to prove the Vehicle is registered to the person wishing to import it.  If there is any doubt about ownership the invoice documents will be checked.  Customs and excise duty must be paid on all vehicles being imported. The vehicle must have a certificate that it has passed through the Customs and Exercise warehouse.





































Foreigners relocating to the TRNC can import their vehicle and pay reduced import tax when they initially move to the TRNC.  In addition to the documents shown in the table below you also need to provide the following information:


  • Ministry of Immigration Office certificate of permission to settle (Temporary Residency permit)

  • Last 10 Years Police Ins and Outs Document

  • Kocan for your property in the TRNC

  • Mukhtar’s Residence certificate (4TL Stamp)

  • Passport

Normally, only vehicles <5 years old may be imported.  However, if you are importing a vehicle when first relocating to the TRNC and the vehicle has been registered in your name for > 2 years, the age restriction does not apply.   Also if the vehicle was previously registered to an immediate family member and then subsequently gifted to you, if the length of ownership by you or your immediate family member is >2 years, the 5 year age restriction does not apply. 


To be eligible to import your car under the relocation option you cannot have resided in the country for >1 year in the last 10 years, and you must have resided in the TRNC continuously for a minimum of 3 months before you import your car.


Vehicles can only be imported by people >25 years old for TRNC citizens and >35 years of age for Foreigners.


Vehicles imported under the relocation option, cannot be sold, transferred or leased for 3 years after import.  During the 3 year period it is only permissible for the vehicle to be driven by the owner, their spouse, parents or children.




















Detailed information, is available from The Commerce Department Tel: 228-3341 Ext. 108-119-143 

Requirements 2nd hand car

Foreigners Relocating to the TRNC

foreigners relocating
vehicle reg. doc.

Vehicle Registration Document


From January 2020 the vehicle registration documents (title deed) has been updated.

This document replaces the Blue Vehicle Registration document which was filled out by hand.

The redesigned registration document is now prepared digitally and printed on a paperboard sheet. In the near future the registrations will be printed on plastic sheets, similar to EU standards.  

Slide4 (84).JPG
Transf of vehicle
Slide8 (70).JPG
vehicle registration fees


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