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Ministries and Official Departments

Don't forget to dial 0392 before the number when calling locally from a mobile phone. When calling from abroad dial 0090 392 and then the number to the department you wish to reach.

TRNC Presidency 2283444

TRNC Prime Ministry 2283141

TRNC Assembly 2274656

Deputy Prime Minister and Ministry of Foreign Affairs 228 3241

Ministry of Internal Affairs 228 3213

Ministry of Finance 228 3116

Ministry of National Education and Culture 2283136

Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry 2283735

Ministry of Public Works and Transportation 2283666

Ministry of Labor and Social Security 2283213

Ministry of Health and Social Aid 2283173

Ministry of Economy and Tourism 2286838

Ministry of Youth and Sports 2282172

Government Accounts Audit Directorate 22284128

Public Service Directorate 228 3247

Personnel Directorate 2286947- 2283141

TRNC Chief Prosecutor's Office 2284691

Government Printing House 2282285

Government Real Estate and Materials Department 2285940

State Hospital 2285441

Police Directorate 2283411

Postal Office 2285982

Bayrak Radio and Television Corporation 2255555

Electricity Authority 2283648

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